When love is the spice

Welcome to Ellen Restaurant. Our goal is to make everybody feel welcome and that every guest should find something that they love to eat. We are a small and personal restaurant and we hope that you will enjoy your visit.

Who we are?

We are Ellen & Anders Odelius. We are a couple from Sweden and we live our dream. Welcome to our living room!



Boeuf bourguignon

French beef stew cooked in red wine filled with onion, mushrooms, chorizo & garlic. Served with mashed potato


Our swedish meatballs served with mashed potato, brown sauce & lingonberry jam 

Beef Tenderloin
Served with potato wedges, hot vegetables and a green pepper sauce  

Steamed cod
Served with mashed potato, hot  vegetables & sriracha mayonnaise  

We serve our pork schnitzel with fries & lemon 

Beef burger

 Served with cheese, bacon, salad, tomato, onion, fries & sriracha mayonnaise dip 


Vegan stew

 Vegan stew with chickpeas, kidney beans, celery stalks, carrots & lentils. Served with salad and mashed potato.

Vegan meatballs.
Our homemade vegan meatballs made by chickpeas & kidney beans. Served with mashed potato, brown sauce salad & lingonberry jam 

Vegan beef
Made from quinoa, beets, carrots, spinach, onions & ginger, Served with vegan sriracha mayonnaise, vegetables & mashed potato

Vegan burger
Made from quinoa, beets, carrots, spinach, onions & ginger. Served with fries & vegan sriracha mayonnaise dip


Garlic mushrooms

Boeuf bourguignon 

Meatballs served with mashed potato & gravy 

Vegan meatballs served with mashed potato & gravy.

Chorizo & goat cheese

Mini burgers

Vegan mini burgers

Bread with aioli

Bread with vegan mayonnaise 

French fries


Our vegetables of the day. Served with honey & mustard dressing

Goat cheese
Our vegetables of the day. Served with balsamico.
Only greens.
Our vegetables of the day. Served with balsamico. 



Cheese, ham & tomato 
Cheese & tomato
Chicken & tomato
Goat cheese & tomato 


Icecream the swedish way.
Warm cloundberry jam with vanilla icecream & Swedish Carlshamns flaggpunsch

Apple pie.
Served with icecream & cream 

Ellens pancakes
Served with cream & jam

Fried brie cheese.
Served with cloudberry jam

Chocolate cake

Vanilla or chocolate icecream


At Ellen we have a large selection of beer, wine, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages.
Enjoy life but remember to drink responsibly.

Celebrate at Ellen

Do you want a party but avoid cooking? Ellen Restaurant fix the food and drinks and you can just relax. Contact us and we will find a good solution. Send an email to info@ellenrestaurant.com or call 611 439 328.

If you want to give something really good away, Buy the gift card here.

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We are opened between 13.00-22.00.
Closed wednesdays




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Ellen Restaurant

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