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When love is the spice, everyone loves the food.

We are a couple from Sweden who made our dream come true. We left everything in Sweden and opened this place.

Ellen has many years of experience in the food industry while Anders has worked in the media business for more than 25 years.

We love each other, we love food and drinks and we love Spain.



 Bluecheese, pear, honeyroasted walnuts, pickled onion and balsamico. 

Chévre, beetroot, honeyroasted walnuts and balsamico.  

Meatballs, beetroot, yoghurt and salad.

Shrimp, lime, bluecheese-dressing, pear, salad.

Quorn, guacamole, pear and beetroot. 

All wraps can be served with fries.  





Cheese and tomato.

Ham and cheese.

Egg and ham.

All toasts can be served with fries.




Salad with chèvre, beetroot, honeyroasted walnuts and balsamico.

Salad with blue cheese, pear, honeyroasted walnuts, pickled onion and balsamico. 

Salad with chicken, blue cheese- dressing, pear and beetroot.

Salad with quorn, guacamole, pear and beetroot. 

Salad with shrimp, blue cheese- dressing, pear and lime.

You can choose between a small or large salad.

All salads can be served with quinoa.


 Bluecheese, pear, honeyroasted walnuts and pickled onion.

Cheese and tomato.

Chévre, beetroot and honeyroasted walnuts.

Ham, cheese, mushrooms and parsley.

Quorn, pear, beetroot and honeyroasted walnuts.




Boeuf Bourguignon. Highreef with mushrooms onion and pork. 


Fried fish


Your choise of sideorders:
Fries, mashed potato, potato gratin or quinoa 

Our sauses: Guacamole, blue cheese, garlic or bearnaise

Chefs fish stew with saffron, garlic, chili,  shrimp and vegetables.

Meatballs with pickled cucumber, lingonberry and brown sauce. Served with mashed potato.

Spagetti bolognese.

Vegan burger with tomato, guacamole, pickled onion and fries.


At Ellen we have a large selection of beer, wine, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages. A good wine is very important for us. Just ask us for a recommendation. Enjoy life but remember to drink responsibly 🙂

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We want to be your living room

Feel free to come to us, borrow a deck or two, use our Wifi for free and we also have two toilets 

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Ellen Restaurant

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